My Favourite Evening Wedding Portraits of 2016

If you're not careful, your wedding can flash past in a blur of frantic fun. The excitement of the morning, the tension and relief of the ceremony, drinks and dinner, speeches, a nervous first dance, and then so many people to talk to! It's a busy day, but you should never forget that at the centre of everything are you and the love of your life! It pays to take a few moments of calm and quiet, just the two of you. 

That's one of the things I love about evening portraits. The portrait may only take a few moment to capture, but they're a few moments of calm, outside of the party bubble of the evening reception. 

Of course, I also love the fact that the evening time gives me complete control over the lighting of the scene! Photography is all about light, and a darker setting allows me to add in my own light and create an image unlike any other taken on the day. Plus, funnily enough, most people feel even more relaxed in front of the camera by the time they've enjoyed a drink with their dinner!  

Shots like these are just one more reason why I don't usually offer half-day packages - I want to offer all my couples the opportunity of an image like this. 

Below are ten of my favourite bride and groom evening portraits from 2016. I couldn't choose an overall favourite. Can you? Click each image to enlarge it.

Jodie & Rob at Mythe Barn

Paige & Tom at Hoarcross Hall 

Sara & Benn at Ox Pasture Hall

Caroline & Adam at Mythe Barn

Amanda & Stephen at Van Dyk Hotel

Holly & Matt at Beaumanor Hall

Jade & Ross at The Carriage Hall

Chloe & James at Mackworth Farmhouse

Charlotte & Tom at Osmaston Park

Kelly & Kevin at The West Mill