Pre-Wedding Shoot at Chatsworth House

Pre-wedding shoots are one of the most important parts of my service. My clients are more than just brides and grooms to me – I like to get to know them, find out how they met, how the proposal went down and what they love about each other. I believe that this puts me in a better position to tell the story of their wedding day, to understand what’s important to them and to make sure I capture those crucial details, which is why I include a pre-wedding or engagement shoot in every single one of my wedding photography packages. So, if we’re going to hang out and get to know each other, we might as well take some amazing photos too, right?!

Pre-wedding shoots aren’t just an opportunity to get to know one another, they also give you an idea of how I work and what to expect when you step in front of the lens. Every single one of my couples have enjoyed their shoot, and those who were worried about being in front of the camera felt that it helped them to relax and realise that having your photo taken doesn’t have to be a scary experience!

For me, I get to know the types of photo that you love and I get to hang out with the coolest couples in the world!

You can choose a location that’s important to you, or just somewhere that will look good in the background of the shots! I’ve done shoots in people’s back gardens, the gardens of Chatsworth House, and the gardens and park at Alton Towers! You can go for a change of outfit, a change of location, whatever you’d like. It’s fun to get creative! And at the end of the session we can go for a drink or even some dinner and discuss the finer details of your big day! What could possibly be better?

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